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'One Tooth' Local Store Partners with She's Got Game

Candie Bower understands the demands of a hectic life. The local owner of One Tooth Clothing in downtown Guelph is both a wife and a mother, as well as an individual who appreciates the hard work it requires to succeed. That quality has rubbed off on her family, including her two teenaged children, who also happen to participate in competitive sports. That’s just one of the reasons that Bower believed a She’s Got Game clothing line was the perfect fit for her downtown store.

“I have seen what it takes first hand from both a mental and financial perspective to play at these levels,” says Bower, who made One Tooth the first ever sponsor to sign up for the original She’s Got Game Gala in 2016.

When she and her partners were approached with the idea of supporting female athletes through sponsorship of the She’s Got Game Gala and the creation of two scholarships, she said it resonated with her deeply. The new line of t-shirts is an extension of that commitment and an additional opportunity to make the message of the Gryphon initiative more visible in the community.

The line includes shirts with sayings like: ‘Play Like A Girl,’ ‘Try Keepin’ Up,’ and one piece that says ‘Here’s To Strong Women. May We Know Them. May We be Them. May We Raise Them.’ More pieces of clothing are expected to be added in the future.

“As an official supplier for Gryphon-branded products, we wanted to continue to be a part of this, particularly now with the She’s Got Game initiative,” said Bower. “We’re honoured to have these partnerships with the University of Guelph.”

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20 dic 2018

Love the t shirts - especially the expressions!

Me gusta
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