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The She’s Got Game initiative specifically aims to:
  • Engage women and girls in sport with the goal to help facilitate and provide the tools to succeed on and off the field of play

  • Collaborate with the University of Guelph, OUA and U SPORTS to develop an inclusive culture
    with a focus on gender balance for women and girls within sport

  • Take positive action to support the recruitment, retention and progression of women working at all levels of sport.

  • Develop world-class athletes, world-class scholars and world-class citizens

We will continue to host events that encompass grassroots sports to elite competition and engage individuals who are focused on active living as opposed to high-performance sport. We will continue promoting the successes of women and girls in sport, and the importance of equal opportunity through written and digital content at We will continue to recognize our female coaches, athletes and teams.

We will maintain equitable compensation for our coaches, equity of opportunity for athletes and equitable coverage for our teams. We will continue to research, develop and implement new policies supporting the ‘She’s Got Game initiative.

We will continue to advance opportunities for women and girls in sport through financial assistance and fundraising goals.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall Lend Her Voice To the SGG Movement

Cassie Campbell-Pascall Lend Her Voice To the SGG Movement

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