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  • Vision
    We aspire to achieve equity for women in society through the power of sport.

  • Mission
    We are dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive Canadian sport and physical activity system that empowers girls and women – as active participants and leaders – within and through sport. With a focus on systematic change, we partner with governments, organizations and leaders to challenge the status quo and to advance solutions that result in measurable change.

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ONTARIO'S ACTION PLAN - Advancing Opportunities for Women & Girls in Sport
  • The Advancing Opportunities for Women and Girls in Sport action plan outlines actions that the province will take to increase the number of women and girls who are athletes, coaches, sport administrators and leaders at schools, universities and communities across the province.

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  • Women in Sport exists so that every woman and girl in the UK can experience the transformational lifelong rewards of sport. To achieve this we inform through our research into women and girls’ relationship with sport and physical activity, innovate through partnering with sport deliverers and inspire using our insight and expertise to bring about changes in policy, practice and attitudes that lead to greater opportunities for women and girls in sport.

  • Our Mission: Women and girls are missing out on the benefit of the lifelong benefits of sport. We want to change this, now for every woman and girl in the UK.

  • Our Vision: A society where women and men have equal opportunities.

  • How we do it: We are the only organization in the UK that researches sport purely from the perspective of women and girls. We use the insight gained to drive change through campaigns and partnerships.

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