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Seven Years of 'She's Got Game'

Updated: Jan 15

The University of Guelph, Department of Athletics has seen incredible success with the She's Got Game initiative over the past seven years. Starting in 2016 with our inaugural event (the She's Got Game Gala), it has since raised over $1.75 million and expanded into a merchandise line, golf tournament, kids camp, speaking series, and continues to grow our community reach each year.

We're proud to announce that as of 2022 we have reached a new milestone for the initiative which now supports over 100 female student-athletes scholarships at the U of G.

We have invested in new policies, widened the conversation, and brought more women into sport leadership positions.

Here's a look back at the evolution of She's Got Game and our successes to-date.



She’s Got Game Gala Launched

The flagship fundraising event for this initiative, the She’s Got Game Gala was launched in 2016. Recently just hosted the 7th annual Gala, sponsored by RBC. This event has been hosted for five years in person and now two years virtually. The gala has raised over $177,000 in seven years, towards female athletic scholarships. The event is also a networking and engagement opportunity for people who want to be part of She's Got Game. This event offers several levels of sponsors and partnerships.


She’s Got Game Fundraising Drive

In October of 2018 one of the most ambitious fundraising drives in Canadian women’s sport history was launched. With a goal of raising $2.5 million to support Gryphon female student-athletes, the drive has brought together alumni, community and corporate partners. The drive continues with over $1.75 million of the goal raised so far.

She’s Got Game Clothing Line

In partnership with One Tooth Active Wear Guelph and Gryph’s Locker the She’s Got Game clothing line was launched at the Enchanted Fashion show. The purpose of the She’s Got Game clothing line is to build pride in She’s Got Game and women’s sports. The Enchanted Fashion show and clothing line have raised over $20,000 for the initiative to date. Apparel is available online and at One Tooth and Gryph’s Locker.

Gryphon Pizza Day

Gryphon Pizza Day is an annual Guelph-wide pizza party in support of She's Got Game where Domino's donates half of their sales of large pepperoni or cheese pizzas to the initiative. To date, this event has raised $15,900 to support Gryphon women's athletic scholarships.


Women in Sport Speaking Series

Launched in 2020, a virtual engagement opportunity through two events "She Can Coach" and "Athlete for Life" where we had industry experts speak on their experiences as both coaches and athletes. We hope to resume this series in person when the time comes.


She's Got Game Pro-Am

Launched in 2021. In partnership with the PGA of Ontario and sponsored by Moose Lake Dental, guests spent a weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake to support She's Got Game at the Prince of Wales Hotel with tournament at the NOTL golf course and playing with Ontario female pro golfers. Total raised over $12,000 in the first year.


Guelph Soccer, She Can Coach

Guelph Soccer’s latest initiative, She’s Got Game - She Can Coach, is a federal government-funded project with the goal of ensuring more women and girls are able to enjoy the benefits of soccer by addressing the current challenges that they face relating to participation. This project strives to support and advance gender equality in sport by breaking down the barriers of entry for women to coach, with the hope that this will increase female registration and help to balance the gender gap in participation between boys and girls. Currently She Can Coach Cohort 1 has 60 coaches in training!

She’s Got Game Gryphon Camp

The She’s Got Game Gryphon Camp start this summer! It is designed to provide encouragement and support to every camper who has big dreams and goals in sport. It will specifically aim to engage girls in a variety of sports activities, facilitate and provide the tools needed to succeed on and off the field of play and develop self-confidence and leadership skills.

She's Got Game Club Grant

The purpose of this grant is to help cover the costs associated to enhance the experience for female athletes in our club program. The SGG Clubs Grant Review committee will review applications and determine recipient(s) for a grant. Applications will be evaluated based on the overall merit of the objectives, activities, and benefits to the individual/ team, and the UofG Club community.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can further support our student-athletes, please contact our Senior Development Manager Chris Moulton at



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